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Hang In There – Episode 2: Meet Dayana

Hang is still hanging in there, bringing you episode 2 of Hang In There! Todays guest is Dayana! A beautiful girl from the wonderful country of Bulgaria.

The second episode of Hang In There is out now! Every semester, Høgskolen i Innlandet welcomes around 100 students coming from all over the world to Lillehammer. Today, let’s welcome Dayana – a Spring exchange student from Bulgaria and listen to her thoughts about Norway, movies, books, and so on!

Press play to listen here:

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Hang Vu

Podcaster - Hi, my name is Hang and I am currently studying International Communication Management in Eindhoven, The Netherlands at Fontys University of Applied Science. I am spending my Spring 2022 semester in the beautiful Lillehammer so don’t hesitate to listen to my podcast to meet and greet some of my international friends here!



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